Absolute Best Way for Women to Make Money Series

“It is time for women to start earning the type of money they really deserve. This book tells them how to do it.”
Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Soul

When life turns out differently than you planned, it is often difficult to see the path forward. In this series, we discover how two unique women rewrote their stories while creating the life they always imagined. These thought-provoking books will show you the formula for women to win at the financial game of life.
The books are written as novels, but they also provide tools to examine your life and raise the possibility that women CAN have it all if they work smart.
The two books have similar messages but different characters with different stories. Feel free to order one or the other – or both.

The Absolute Best Way for Women to Make Money isn’t just an interesting title, it is a recipe for time freedom and money freedom.

Life turned out differently for two old friends, Kirsten and Paula. Kirsten’s stressed-out; unhappy government job had taken her to the breaking point. But when the two old friends were accidentally reunited, she discovered a way to solve her work dilemma.
Her solution is one that might be a fit for a lot of women who find their jobs lacking in satisfaction, time, and money.

The Absolute Best Way for African American Women to Make Money tells the story of two life-long friends, Tanisha and Serena, whose paths take them in two very different directions.

One is frustrated and failing in her job while the other is flourishing in her career. The book follows the two friends on a journey of discovery and delivers a message to them, and to all of us, that there is a way for African American women to have a life and lifestyle that they deserve.