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Lorna Rasmussen

Video Master Class – Video #1 Starting with WHY

This is the beginning step of setting and achieving goals. Using the Wheel of Life tool, you will learn how to determine what you really want and take the first steps to the achievement of your goals. This practical process was popularized by Paul J. Meyer. We dig deeper into the process to help you go beyond the superficial and find your deep-seated goals and desires.

Video Master Class – Video #2 Going from Here to There

Video #2 of 4 videos to make you a master of goals setting. In this video, you will learn the key ingredient to turning dreams and wished into goals.

Video Master Class – Video #3 Set Yourself Up for Success

This is part 3 of the Video Master Class. In this part, you will learn specifically how to write a goal and use it to motivate yourself to realize the goal.

Video Master Class – Video #4 Set Yourself Up for Success

This is the fourth in a series of four videos designed to make you a Master Goal Setter and Achiever. This final video has things you can do to assure that your goals are not just set – they are achieved.

Bonus – Absolute Best Way for Women to Make Money ebook & eworkbook

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