Now is the time to break free from external distractions, laser-focus on your future, and implement your plan. You will come to the Enhance Phase of the program with your Game Plan (Business Plan) and leave armed with your Playbook (Business Strategies)  Our gathering in Costa Rica provides the perfect blend of time, inspiration, and environment to unleash your potential, dream big, and embark on the journey of turning those dreams into reality.

Precious time to think without
the distractions of life.

Sitting on the yoga platform, a gentle tropical breeze caresses your skin, carrying the intoxicating symphony of jungle sounds and fragrances. The worries and concerns accompanying you from the outside world fade away, replaced by a sense of tranquility that permeates your being.

You find yourself sinking into a state of deep relaxation, a state that may have eluded you for some time. It is in this state that the creative juices begin to flow.

You have entered the realm of the Enhance Phase – a space where extraordinary transformations occur.

You turn and walk to the platform’s edge, gazing down at the azure-blue Pacific Ocean spread out at your feet, symbolizing the immense opportunities that await. Anticipation fills the air—you can’t wait to embark on this journey.

You now have the dedicated, focused time to discover strategies to elevate your coaching practice from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • As an integral part of the Execute To Win program, the experience gives you the time, space, and inspiration to create a Playbook of strategies you will execute when you return.
  • These are strategies designed to create unparalleled growth in your practice, attracting the type of clients you love and growing your business almost organically through referrals, recommendations, and repeat business
  • You will find yourself tapping into your hidden capabilities and strengths. Above all, you will believe that what is possible for you is far greater than you had imagined. 
  • Because of the intimate setting, you will have unlimited access to Kimberly and Lorna with their wealth of knowledge and experience, whether through coach-led learning experiences and practicums or engaging conversations poolside and at meals.
  • Allow the ambiance and serenity of Lapazul to ignite your creative spirit and propel you toward unparalleled achievements. You now envision your practice as both very successful and your work as effortless.

Perched high above the Pacific Ocean, Lapazul will be our “home” for the next week and our inspiration.

“Lapazul embodies the extraordinary power of vision, entrepreneurial drive, and the laws of attraction. 

It was 2016 when I was first introduced to Lapazul. As I  stood in the red clay mud up on the towering bluff, gazing out at the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, it was difficult to fathom the manifestation my dear friend Elizabeth Patricia was about to bring forth.

For years, she had nurtured a profound vision—an oasis enveloped by nature, offering an awe-inspiring ocean panorama. A sanctuary where individuals could find solace, embrace tranquility, and embark on a transformative journey of spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.

Against all odds, Elizabeth Patricia defied the skeptics and hurdles that stood in her path. She will grace us with her presence to share the tale of her remarkable journey—an unwavering pursuit that has materialized into the breathtaking haven we will now enjoy. 

Lapazul serves as a testament to the realization of a lifelong dream, and it holds the power to ignite the flames of your imagination, empowering you to create an equally extraordinary future for yourself.”

Lorna Rasmussen

Designed with simple elegance and an emphasis on comfort and enjoyment, each room at Lapazul takes full advantage of the breathtaking views of the Pacific

You will wake to the distant sound of surf and songbirds. And gaze out at the moon, reflected in the water, as you retire for the night. 

From the minute you arrive until you leave, you experience heaven on earth

The spacious rooms have high ceilings, deluxe bathrooms, and an ocean view to take full advantage of while sitting on your private balcony listening to the sounds of nature and reflecting on the day’s experiences. 

Most are double, shared rooms (you can choose or will be assigned a roommate), with a few deluxe singles available.

The Cuisine

Awaken your taste buds to an unforgettable culinary experience at Lapazul. As each day dawns, you’ll be greeted by a tantalizing display of the freshest ingredients, with vibrant local fruits and freshly baked rolls taking center stage.

But it’s the evening meals that will truly leave you in awe. Prepare to be utterly speechless as our talented chef presents his meticulously crafted, artful, and mouthwatering Amuse Bouche to captivate your senses. At Lapazul, our chef takes immense pride in curating extraordinary, personalized meals that cater to your unique tastes and preferences.

What sets Costa Rican cuisine apart is its unrivaled freshness. Picture crisp vegetables plucked straight from the Lapazul garden, succulent fish caught the same day, and abundant, luscious tropical fruits. These exquisite elements harmoniously combine, creating a symphony of flavors dancing on your plate.

Indulge in these culinary delights on our open-air patio, where the nearby Pacific Ocean’s alluring aromas and soothing sounds accompany every meal. As the day ends, anticipate the breathtaking spectacle of vibrant sunsets, painting the sky with a kaleidoscope of colors. These magical moments invite you to gather, savoring each bite and creating lasting memories.

Prepare for an extraordinary journey as Lapazul takes you on a culinary adventure that will leave an indelible mark on your senses. Your taste buds will be tantalized, your palate awakened, and your culinary memories forever enriched.

The Journey

Prioritize yourself, nurture your ambition, and bring your visions to life.

Each day can begin with a refreshing swim in the infinity pool or a tranquil stroll through the lush jungle, surrounded by the melodies of birdsong and the enchanting scent of tropical blooms. 

Or sitting quietly on your balcony sipping a steaming cup of coffee, immersing yourself in the moment of tranquility.

After indulging in a poolside breakfast that is as beautiful as nourishing, we will all gather in the glass conference room overlooking the pool and surrounded by nature.  

We are focused on creating a Playbook with strategies you will take back home and execute.

An individual coaching session will be scheduled with each participant during the week.


January 29, 2024

We journey to Lapazul from the San Jose area on day one. After a delightful brunch at the Hotel Pura Vida, our land transportation will pick us up at 11 am and take us to our hotel on the beautiful Pacific coast. On the way, we will pass through Costa Rica’s diverse landscape. The trip is an adventure in itself.

Relax in your room or join everyone at the pool. Then join us for what will become a daily ritual – a Sunset Cocktail

Dinner is served on the open patio overlooking the Pacific. Most evenings, there will be entertainment, including beautiful folkloric dancers.

The Opening Ceremony after dinner sets the stage for five days of focused work, balanced with opportunities for relaxation and exploration of the local area. 

And, as we will do every evening, we will enjoy each other’s company at Linger Longer


January 30 and  January 31, 2024

Each morning and afternoon session will consist of concise yet impactful workshops and hands-on exercises encompassing every facet of business growth.

These sessions are tailored specifically to the needs of the participants. An extensive onboarding questionnaire and our work in the Engage Phase will inform which topics will be covered. These coach-led learning sessions will prepare each participant to write their own Playbook. The beauty of this structure is that there will be a lot of opportunities to get valuable feedback, both from participants and from Kimberly and Lorna.

In fact, each afternoon, we invite you to join us for a Pool-side chat.

As daylight fades, you will be captivated by the mesmerizing beauty of sunsets casting their vibrant hues upon the Pacific Ocean. These awe-inspiring moments serve as gentle reminders of the remarkable experiences that lie ahead. And an excuse to gather for a  Sunset Cocktail

For those who like to cook, you are welcome to join the chef before dinner to learn about Traditional Costa Rican Cuisine You’ll learn about the typical dishes local people eat and try your hand at one or two dishes. You’ll have recipes to take back with you! 

February 1

The fourth day of the week is set aside as a day of relaxation, exploring Costa Rica’s first national park. You will be taken through the experience by a guide pointing out the animals and other attractions. As one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, it will engage your mind as you take in the stunning beauty that awaits you. Scientists believe that nearly 4 percent of the planet’s species can be found in this exotic land. An experienced guide will take us through the park so we miss nothing.

Bring your bathing suit for a swim at the beautiful and tranquil beach.

We will then have a barbeque on another nearby beach and explore the beach town, Dominical.

Lorna, a resident of Costa Rica, and Elizabeth Patricia, the visionary behind Lapazul, will guide and enrich your journey with their local expertise and warm hospitality.

Join together, as always, for a Sunset Cocktail, Dinner and Linger Longer

February 2 and 3

The sessions on various topics and practicums continue over the next two days.

By the final day, everyone should have their Playbook

A closing ceremony on the last evening will help you plan for the final four-month stage, where we will provide you the encouragement, coaching, and accountability to Execute to Win. You have the Game Plan and Playbook, so it’s all about EXECUTION. 
You can immediately implement what you created in your Playbook so you don’t lose the powerful momentum created while in Costa Rica. 


February 4

On this last day, you’ll enjoy a beautiful morning with your friends, who now feel like family.

With a deep understanding and appreciation for what has been, you’ll be ready to move forward into the next and final phase of Execute to Win – EMPOWER.

You’ll be departing with a solid plan to grow your business and, undoubtedly, a deep affection for Costa Rica. 

We will officially close at 11 am on February 4, and you’ll be back at the airport in time for your flight anytime after 5 pm.


If You Need More Reasons to Join Us …

As you delve into the depths of this experience, you’ll be captivated by the immense inspiration surrounding you. The breathtaking beauty of Costa Rica will stir your soul and kindle visions of what is possible. This was undoubtedly true for Lorna, who will happily share her insights on the prospect of working from this or other paradises.

In the bustling business world, it’s rare for women to grant themselves the precious gift of relaxation, self-reflection, and deep thinking. 

This transformative experience is designed for you to do just that. This is your special time—a time to immerse yourself in an experience you can and will revisit in your mind and draw strength from what you create here.

Or it may be Elizabeth Patricia’s story that ignites a spark within you. Witnessing how she turned her dream into the awe-inspiring reality of Lapazul will leave an indelible impression, proving that the impossible is indeed possible.

However, inspiration is just one of the invaluable gifts this time  bestows upon you. Surrounding yourself with this extraordinary cohort of women, offering unwavering support and encouragement as you pursue your dreams, is a game-changer. With this empowering environment, the belief that failure is not an option becomes deeply ingrained, propelling you to new heights in elevating your business.

Your appreciation for the craft of coaching and the boundless opportunities awaiting you will flourish, fueled by Kimberly’s captivating stories and transformative experiences. Throughout this journey, you will fall in love with your future—a future brimming with infinite possibilities.

Embrace the inspiration, support, and profound transformation that awaits you. It is a stepping stone towards greatness, nurturing your soul and propelling you toward unparalleled success.


An open-air massage that you can book during the week.

Bonus #2
( Optional but highly recommended if you can swing it )

A Day to Experience Costa Rica

For those who have never visited Costa Rica or those who have visited previously and understand its allure, we have set up a special day called A Day to Experience Costa Rica.

This is an optional day designed to ease you into our time together and introduce you to the amazing country of Costa Rica. Curated and led by Lorna Rasmussen, a resident of Costa Rica, your experience of the country begins the moment you step off the plane.

You will be met and brought to the aptly named Pura Vida Hotel, a quirky hotel filled with individual casitas (little houses) surrounded by lush gardens. It embodies the color and spirit of Costa Rica and Pura Vida (which you will hear as a salutation, an expression, and anytime a Costa Rican smiles – which is often).

It is an oasis of colors, flowers, and warm, welcoming hospitality. We advise arriving either early in the day (by 10 am if you wish to join the trip to La Paz) or arriving the night before (book the extra room on our own.) Bring a roommate, or we’ll arrange for one. And you are welcome to book a single accommodation at a small cost upgrade.

Then join us for a half-day exploration of the beautiful La Paz (Peace) Gardens. This will allow you to get up close and personal with the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. Lunch will be on your own at some excellent restaurants in the park. 

Finally, join the group for a special dinner prepared by the delightfully crusty chef (a.k.a Chef Nhi, also the hotel host, known for her expertise in Vietnamese and Chinese fusion).

We will have brunch together the following day, and our transportation will arrive to take us to the hotel center at 11 am.

Since this is optional, there is a small additional cost to cover the room and activities. You can let us know when you sign up for the whole program or by November; arrangements will be made separately depending on your itinerary.

Why here, why now?

Take advantage of this opportunity to prioritize yourself, nurture your ambition, and bring your visions to fruition.

Immerse yourself in a place where the friendships forged during the Engage Phase blossom into profound connections. Set against this picturesque backdrop, you will find yourself engaging in heartfelt reflections, honing your skills, and meticulously refining the intricacies of your Playbook.

Kimberly and Lorna will be by your side throughout the event, readily available to guide and support you on your journey. Whether during group learning experiences and practicums, casual poolside chats, or sunset drinks, they will present invaluable ways to apply your newfound knowledge.

At this remarkable location, every aspect has been carefully designed to foster a sense of community, collaboration, and growth. 

The power of this environment, coupled with the unwavering support of Kimberly and Lorna, ensures an experience that transcends mere education. It becomes an immersive, transformative journey where connections thrive, and every moment is infused with the potential for profound personal and professional growth.


The cost of our Costa Rican adventure is covered in the price of the entire Execute to Win Program.

This unique experience includes:
  • Seven days/ Six nights – January 29 to Feb. 4, 2024, at the beautiful and elegant Lapazul Boutique Hotel near Quepos, Costa Rica, perched above the Pacific Ocean.
    • Choice of Deluxe Single (limited) with a surcharge
    • Double Occupancy rooms (roommates will be assigned)
    • All coach-led learning, practicums, and digital support material.
    • One private coaching session with Kimberly and Lorna
    • One signature cocktail with dinner or sunset
    • All food, snacks, and non-alcoholic drinks – Delicious, made-to-order breakfasts, beautiful and nutritious lunches, and fabulous dinners accompanied by sumptuous desserts. All food is fresh and prepared with Costa Rican flair and love.
  • Private transportation to all activities  Round-trip transfers from San Jose take us on a gorgeous drive through mountains and along the Pacific Coast. Also included is all transportation to all other scheduled events. 
    • Beach BBQ Sit in the shade of coconut palms or walk along the dark sand of a deserted beach that stretches out in both directions for miles.
    • Nightly entertainment Enjoy the music and folkloric dances that transport you to another time in Costa Rican history.
  • Manuel Antonio National Park excursion Led by an expert guide, you will discover the biodiversity that makes Costa Rica famous and enjoy a swim in the calm waters of Costa Rica’s first national park.
  • One outdoor massage Luxuriate with a massage, listening to the tropical birds and feeling the gentle breeze off the Pacific.
What is not included 

Some of the things you will have to cover yourself…

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance (required by Lapazul)
  • Personal taxi transport to the airport outside of scheduled group transport
  • Additional alcoholic beverages
  • Snacks during excursions
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Souvenirs, phone calls, additional spa services, taxis, laundry, etc
  • Any additional nights before and after we are at Lapazul – Jan. 29 to Feb. 4, 2024
  • Participation in the  A Day to Experience Costa Rica

Offered at an additional cost of $250 (double occupancy), $300 (single occupancy) for one-night accommodation, transfer from the airport, the trip to La Paz (lunch on your own), dinner, and breakfast the next day. Upgrades to single rooms, additional nights, and extra meals at your own expense.


What is the itinerary?

See the itinerary here.  Be aware that the schedule is subject to change, but the arrival and departure information will not change.

You must arrive in Costa Rica no later than 10 am on January 29 (the first day of our in-person program). If you are not available for pick up by our transportation by 11 am, you will have to arrange for your own transportation to Quepos. We strongly advise coming in the night before and staying with us at the Pura Vida Hotel. Even better, arrive either very early that day or the day before (January 27) and join us on a Day to Experience Costa Rica. You will be dropped off at the airport on the last day, February 4, at approximately 3 pm. We recommend a flight no earlier than 5 pm. 

What is included in my registration?

As this is part of the entire Execute to Win Program, almost everything for the Costa Rica gathering is already paid for in your fees for Execute to Win. Check out that section above for a detailed list of what’s included and not.

What if I can’t make the trip?

Because this is part of the Execute to Win program, the trip is integral to the whole program. Before committing to the program, you must know if you can set the time aside. But this is also why we highly recommend travel insurance, including trip cancellation and medical coverage. Be sure to read the fine print, as policies can differ greatly.

I need a roommate – how do I arrange that?

Remember you will be getting to know the members of your cohort during the first phase, ENGAGE, so you may want to choose someone yourself. However, if that is not the case, we will make arrangements for roommates. There are a limited number of single occupancy rooms, and the additional charge is $750. This will be additional to the Execute to Win package. 

Can I bring my kids/partner?

No, this is strictly for people in the Execute to Win program.

Where do I fly into?

You fly into San Jose (SJO) Be careful when booking that you are flying into Costa Rica (not San Jose, CA. Don’t laugh, it happens). There is another international airport (Liberia), but it is not accessible via our transport. Please be in touch with us if you have a question about this.

Is there transportation from the airport to Lapazul?

Yes, that is completely covered as long as you are available during the times outlined above in the itinerary. 

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, you will be asked about those restrictions, and can be accommodated.

Is it safe to travel to Costa Rica?

Like most tourist spots, there is petty crime, but you will always be in a group, and Lapazul is very safe. It is advisable not to bring expensive jewelry or flash fancy phones when on excursions; otherwise, it is a very safe country.

What is the weather like?

You will be arriving in the “Dry Season,” which means it is unlikely that you will see rain. The temperatures will likely be around 80 F to 85 F during the day and 60 F at night. It is a good idea to have a sun hat, bring lots of sunscreen (we are close to the equator) a water bottle for the excursions or your jungle hikes. 

What do I pack?

The key word here is “casual.” Flowy, loose dresses, and a light wrap are ideal. And, of course, bathing suits (I like to have two in case I want to dip twice daily). Click the link for a list of what you will find at the hotel and what you should bring.

Packing List .docx (1) (1).pdf

Still have a question?

We are happy to answer your questions. Book a call with Lorna to answer any questions you might have. or email her at

Cost of the Retreat and cancelation policy

Because the retreat is included in the price of the Execute to Win program, the cancellation policy for the program applies here. It is important to have a trip cancellation insurance policy in case something happens on your end.

Get to know us and the program …