Can you envision a future where your practice runs with ease and grace, and you have unshakable confidence that you can and will lead a multi-six-figure practice? Plus, you have work-life harmony.

Execute to Win is a tailor-made program designed for remarkable women like you. Get ready to ignite your full potential through a powerful combination of coach-led learning, immersive group coaching, and an unforgettable Seven-Day together in the breathtaking landscapes of Costa Rica.

One of the most valuable aspects of our program is the exclusive community you’ll join. Connect with like-minded, ambitious women who understand your journey and share your aspirations. Collaborate, grow, and cultivate lasting friendships with kindred spirits who will support you through challenges and lessons learned and celebrate your wins.

This journey is not just about business; it’s about you

It’s about shaping a future that surpasses your wildest dreams. We’re here to guide, uplift, and walk alongside you every step of the way.

Does this sound like you … and what you want?
  • You yearn to fully embrace your passion for your coaching practice and want your exceptional skills to attract top-notch clients who align with your vision.
  • You crave a consistent and reliable flow of income that empowers you to confidently manage your finances and plan for a future filled with abundance and security.
  • You envision yourself working with your clients on a transformative journey, helping them achieve meaningful goals.
  • You know you need guidance but have been disappointed by previous encounters with so-called experts. You crave support from individuals with genuine expertise rooted in real-life experience—people who generously share their knowledge and genuinely care about your success.

If some or any of these statements sound like you, then Execute to Win was created with you in mind.

Transformations and Takeaways

Unlike generic programs, Execute to Win is tailored to your unique strengths, empowering you to build a thriving business that caters to your client’s needs and fulfills your personal aspirations. 

You will gain profound insights, adopt effective strategies, and take decisive action, leading to financial success and personal fulfillment.

  • Discover the processes to attract your ideal clients effortlessly, ones you will love to pour into. The goal is to grow your practice solely through referrals, recommendations, and repeat business.
  • Evolve in your understanding and appreciation of the art and science of coaching. Move from a conversationalist to a powerful change agent and potentially an influential content creator. This will ensure reliable and consistent growth in your income.
  • Receive the essential tools and techniques to guide your clients through powerful transformations and keep them accountable on their success journey. 
  • Benefit from Dr. Kimberly Jackson and Lorna Rasmussen’s decades of expertise, as they give you mentorship, coach-led educational opportunities, and an unwavering dedication to your personal and professional growth.
  • Master the art of effortlessly and gracefully generating your desired income, empowering you to deliver an exceptional and transformative experience for your clients.

Acquire invaluable insights into coaching methodologies that guarantee remarkable outcomes for your clients, leaving you with unwavering confidence and belief in the success your business will achieve.

How the Program is Structured:

This powerful hybrid program integrates online coach-led learning, group coaching sessions, and an unforgettable, seven-day in-person experience with Lorna and Kimberly in beautiful Costa Rica.

This is where you will create your Game Plan (Business Plan) by clearly articulating your why, purpose, guiding principles, core values and business strategy.

In the four monthly Zoom sessions, you will craft your Game Plan. You will also be enrolled in the Stretch membership in The Coaching Sisterhood for additional information and support, depending on where you are in building your practice.

ENHANCE will be in person at a five-star hotel in Quepos, Costa Rica, called Lapazul.

Why an In-person Component to Our Program?

First and foremost, it’s all about community building – we are better together.

Because we want you to break free from external distractions and laser-focus on your future, dream big, and embark on the journey of turning those dreams into reality.

This is the most creative time of the program, and Lapazul is the perfect place to get your creative juices flowing. Click here for more on the In-Person Experience.

You will come to the retreat with your Game Plan (Business Plan) and leave the retreat armed with your Playbook (Business Strategies) This is where you will set SMARTER goals and craft the various business strategies needed to Execute to Win. Curious about what strategies?

Here are examples of ‘plays’:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Products and Services
  • Building Your Team

Coming out of the retreat is the final and most important phase.

We provide encouragement, coaching, and accountability to ensure you Execute to Win. Armed with a comprehensive Game Plan and Playbook, your path to success is clear – all that remains is to Execute.

We will continue our monthly Zoom meetings to maintain the momentum generated during the retreat.

Additionally, we encourage you to gather in your own private space within the The Coaching Sisterhood, fostering a sense of community and collective support during this critical time.

Embrace the power of execution, and reap the rewards that await you on this extraordinary path to success.

Our promise and a bonus

We understand the hesitation many coaches feel when investing their hard-earned money. Rest assured, Execute to Win is designed to deliver a transformative experience for your coaching practice while providing a rapid return on your investment. 

With our exclusive bonus offering, a year of access to The Assessment Center, and accompanying training, you can expect to recoup your entire investment with a handful of clients. 

While we can’t guarantee specific results, we aim to help you achieve a strong return on investment. Too many coaches waste money on ventures that yield no returns. At Execute to Win, we believe in spending money to make money-  as long as it yields a substantial return.

Experience the possibility of a remarkable ROI with Execute to Win—a program that makes financial success in your coaching practice plausible and highly attainable—starting with our bonus.

Listen to how this program came into being and our philosophy behind it.
Introducing Your Coaches
Read Bio:

This is a rare and exceptional opportunity to work with Dr. Kimberly Jackson.  Kimberly is most recognized in both the technology and human development spaces with the creation of ISTAR (Individually,  Scheduled Tests, and Results) and taking classroom training and putting it online in company intranets before the invention of the internet, both game-changers for the educational system worldwide. She is a Founding Member of the Georgia Distance Learning Association.

Kimberly’s pioneering efforts in competency modeling and training and development led to the creation of ING America Life University. 

She is a founding member of ICF, IAC, IACC, CoachVille Institute – The Schools of Coaching, and Forbes Coaches Council and has built a multi-million dollar empire.  She launched the global management consulting and coaching organization Coach Kimberly International in 1992 after a career in corporate at executive levels. She and her team have worked with companies such as AT&T, Home Depot, Tesla, Facebook, Delta, and SpaceX,  She has played a pivotal role in helping top executives create impactful multi-billion-dollar businesses.

In Kimberly’s legacy-making years, she has been passionately devoted to two projects; the She’s Up! Initiative – advancing women in leadership in STEM fields and The Coaching Sisterhood helping women succeed in the coaching profession she cares so deeply about.

One of her clients, a Non-Profit CEO, captured the essence of Kimberly’s coaching approach perfectly, stating,

 “She is not only very bright, experienced, and talented but also an excellent communicator who coaches from a visionary perspective… She truly seeks to help her clients reach the highest levels possible. Coach Kimberly has undoubtedly been blessed with gifts she uses to make the world a better place—one person and business at a time.”

Another of her clients, an aerospace executive and founder, had this to say about her,

“As we make our journey through life, there are those rare moments when an individual influence produces such a profound effect on a person professionally, spiritually, and personally — Kimberly defines that moment.

If you are truly looking to experience the talent of an individual that will produce a life-long impression, one to which you define individuals that have taken you to a new level, then Kimberly is the person you need to connect with.”

Read Bio:

Lorna Rasmussen is a woman who thrives on empowering other women and witnessing their growth and success. With over four decades of experience in marketing and business, she is eager to share her knowledge and expertise with others. Her diverse background gives her a unique perspective and the ability to spot opportunities and alternative paths for you.

Lorna began as an award-winning documentary film producer, collaborating with prestigious organizations like Canada’s National Film Board and PBS in the United States. Additionally, she taught at universities in both Canada and the U.S.

Mid-career, she pivoted, becoming one of the top franchisees with Success Motivation Institute (SMI), one of the first companies to bring personal development to individuals and corporations worldwide. Her collaboration with the company’s founder, Paul J. Meyer, led to co-authoring a book and even a remarkable offer to run SMI in North America, which to Paul’s surprise, she turned down. She was too much of an entrepreneur.

Throughout her journey, Lorna has remained steadfast in her commitment to educating and empowering women. Initially, she achieved this through her inspiring films and books but later extended her reach through personal development and coaching. The Coaching Sisterhood and Execute to Win are, she feels, her legacy projects. Her last give back is to support women in coaching.

“As a hypnotherapist with an arts and humanities background, the business and marketing side has been an uncomfortable fit. I found Lorna’s approach refreshing, and I came away with more concrete ideas to implement in one hour than in one year plus of previous business/marketing programs. Better yet, the uplift from our conversation has given me the motivation to actually IMPLEMENT! Thank you, Lorna.”

Cari Caldwell

What is included:
  • Once a month for 90 minutes via Zoom meetings with Kimberly and Lorna before and after the retreat (October 2023 to May 2024)
  • Seven-day In-Person Event in Costa Rica. (see specifics here)
  • Continued support throughout the eight months to create a comprehensive Game Plan, Playbook, to finally Execute.
  • The Coaching Sisterhood Premium Stretch Membership:
    • Coaching Intensive – monthly 90-minute coach-led learning on the 3Ps of building a successful coaching business
    • Monthly Ask Us Anything
    • Monthly Resource – that relates to the content of Coaching Intensive, which you are free to use in your practice.
  • Private Space for Collaboration in The Coaching Sisterhood Community
What is not included:
  • Private coaching except during specific times in the Monthly zoom meetings and at the retreat.
  • Airfare to and from the retreat in Costa Rica
  • Discover Costa Rica Day on January 28.

Yes, there is an investment, but we are committed to you earning back every penny – maybe before you even complete the program.


Is this the right program for me?
  • It is if you’ve reached a point in your business where you feel stagnant and know that another level of success is within your grasp if only you had the guidance to get there.
  • This program is tailor-made for you if you appreciate the camaraderie and support of other women who, like you, are on a similar journey of growth and empowerment.
  • If you have an open mindset, embrace the opportunity to be coached, and welcome new ideas, this program is a perfect fit for you.
  • Are you ready to step up, fully committed to taking bold action and elevating your practice to a new level? If so, this program is designed precisely for you.
  • And if the idea of immersing yourself in the captivating beauty of Costa Rica for a week sounds absolutely perfect, then you’ve found the right place.
What factors make it the wrong program for me?
  • You prefer working independently and don’t thrive in a group setting.
  • Traveling is not your cup of tea, and you’re not open to experiencing new environments.
  • You hold a possessive stance towards your ideas and are reluctant to share and collaborate with others.
What if I cannot afford this?

This is one of the times when we can honestly say, “You can’t afford NOT to do it.” With the bonus and training, we will teach you how to make at least the cost of the program and likely many times the cost. This training alone may make it possible for you to earn more throughout your business. Kimberly has a wealth of information and ideas on scaling businesses and making them profitable.

Do I have to participate in everything and what is the time commitment?

The major time commitments in Execute to Win are the Zoom meetings in the months leading up to and after the retreat. These are 90 minutes a month for eight months. And the retreat itself. It is necessary to attend the retreat. Additional coach-led learning as part of the Stretch level membership of the Six Figure Sisterhood, but those are optional.

What happens if I can’t make the retreat?

This is a key element of the program, so please don’t consider joining if you aren’t able to attend the retreat. It is a commitment but one that offers amazing tangible and intangible benefits and will be key to your success.



What if I have a question?
Contact us directly at