I can’t believe what I’ve been hearing from people when they introduce themselves…

Honestly, I’m completely shocked by it. 

It’s not that they were hesitant, they said too much, or they weren’t sure WHAT to say… 

They were just genuinely wasting their time. And I couldn’t believe it. 

Here’s what I mean: 

Presumably, they were looking for prospects and referrals… but, based on their introductions, you couldn’t tell who their prospects were, or what they even offered those people. 

And it just led to an incredible sense of confusion. 

So this week, let’s talk about…

  • WHO your ideal prospects are (and why you shouldn’t target “everyone”) 
  • HOW to present your offer in a way that gets their attention (Hint: It’s not by saying it’s the fastest growing company of the year, etc.) 
  • And WHAT kind of information your prospects DO want to hear from you 

…So that you don’t end up in the same position. 

Ready to get started? Click the link below. 

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