It’s already 2019. Can you believe it? I honestly can’t believe it’s this time in the century, let alone this time in the decade.

I love this time of year because it’s the best time to reinvent yourself, and that’s what I want to talk about today. I want to ask you some questions that’ll help you define for yourself what it’ll take to start living a life you absolutely love. I want you to be able to turn to someone and say “I love my life!!!!” and really mean it. Watch the video or continue reading below to see the 3 questions to create a life you love in 2019.

What do you want for your life?

A similar question would be “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?”

Most of us ask for something off the top of our heads:

“I want to lose weight.”

“I want a bigger car.”

“I want to have more time with my family.”

…but more often than not, what we really want is something quite different from that. When we start looking at the big picture in our lives, we see things from a different perspective. Think about it and dig deep in yourself; what do you truly want?

After a lot of time thinking, I discovered I really wanted balance and control in my life, so those were the goals I set for myself.

What have you done in the past, that you need to do differently in the future?

What behaviors do you need to develop? What habits do you need to make or break?

I personally have developed a really bad habit of spending too much time watching the news. It’s something I really need to cut back on, so on January 1st, I’ll be ending that. (I may binge watch it December 31st, but after that, I’ll be done!) I’m going back to the 1950’s when there was only 1 news cast for half an hour at 6pm and that’ll be it. I don’t need to watch any more than that, so I’m not going to.

The point being, think about everything you do, and decide what habits need to end, and what habits need to begin. Maybe you want to start reading every day, talking about yourself in a new light, or being more proactive with the situation you’re in.

How can you describe yourself in a way you love?

Think about yourself in terms of emotional behavior. You may describe yourself as filled with gratitude, living a life with expectancy, or being joyful. Decide how you would describe yourself, and think about yourself in a way that says “I love this about myself, and how I live my life.”

Choose things that you want to become, as well as what you love about yourself right now.

Maybe you get riled up easily, or lash out at others. You could add “patient” and “loving” to your list.

Now, put all of the pieces together.

Act like you’re writing a script about yourself. Whether it’s 12 months into the future, 24 months, 48… however long you think it’s going to take for you to be living the life you love. Describe your future self in terms of who you are, the people you’re around, the way you act, and the habits you have.

If you need to, start with the physical characteristics of your future life. Write what you’ll have or look like, and dig deeper as you go.

It may take you a long time to reach those goals (I’d say it’s taken me about 20 years!) but here’s the good news: as you’re developing the life you want to live, you’re living the potential first. And what I mean by that is, you’re going through the steps, meeting your goals and gaining encouragement and excitement with every step of the way.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about you, so leave your thoughts in the comments!

Keep your eyes peeled for a FREE tool that will help you with this exercise, as well as a new workshop that will be coming out on my brand new website January 1st!

And with that, Happy New Year!



What Do You Think of 3 Questions to Create a Life You Love in 2019?

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