The devil is in the details…

Especially when it comes to follow-ups. 

Because when you can’t secure a follow-up or a prospect hasn’t made a buying decision…

It’s almost always because of one small but vital piece of information…

Something that would’ve changed the situation entirely. 

So as a final video on the follow-up series, I want to share 3 things I wish I understood better when I started prospecting. They’ll help you…

  • Secure more follow-up appointments
  • Learn how to handle prospects who won’t give you a follow-up time
  • Increase the number of prospects who buy from you
  • And help you focus on the people that you KNOW are a good fit for your offer. 

I really wish I knew these in the beginning…

Because while they may be small tips, they make a world of difference with every person you meet. 

Find out what they are in this week’s video.

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