There’s ONE THING that absolutely everyone in business needs to do: SELL.

You need customers who will buy your products and services if your business is going to succeed. The problem comes when people hold themselves back, or prevent themselves from being successful in selling.

There are 6 deadly sins that will kill your business, are you committing Sin #1?

Hi, I’m Lorna Rasmussen and I’m writing this from my office in Costa Rica.

What we’re going to talk about today is something that absolutely everyone in business needs to do: sell.

The problem for many people is that they’re doing things that stop them from being successful in selling; I call these the 6 deadly sins. In this post, we’ll be covering sin #1

You fear that you’re a pushy salesperson, that you’ll become one, or that being in your business will make you one.

Now, why do people think that way? Well, more often than not, they’ve experienced pushy salespeople. (Or as I like to say, they’ve experienced unprofessional salespeople.)

What’s the difference between a professional and unprofessional salesperson?

An unprofessional salesperson will talk and talk and talk. They’ll tell you about all the features of the product or service they’re selling, and they won’t give you the chance to say anything for yourself.

They make you feel railroaded, and pressured to buy right now.

In the end, they leave you feeling like you’re just another target or sale, and like your opinions, needs, feelings and desires don’t really matter.


A professional salesperson is someone who is, first of all, very polite. They engage you personally, have conversations with you, and get to know you. They’ll ask you questions (lots and lots of questions) to learn what it is you’re looking for, and what problems you’re trying to solve.

This, in itself, makes sales really easy.

If you’re the salesperson and you’re asking all of these questions, who’s doing most of the talking? The prospect.

Go out, do some “window shopping” and talk to these people.

What you’ll find when talking to salespeople is that everyone will fit into 1 of these 2 categories: professional, or unprofessional.

Pay attention to how they greet you, how they engage you, and what happens as you continue talking with them. Once they’ve asked questions and spent time talking with you, they’ll lead you down the path to make a purchase when it’s right for you, and with what’s right for you.

In the end, even if you aren’t ready to buy, you’ll still feel like you had a good experience. They didn’t talk over you or treat you like a sale, and they used those discovery questions to make sure that you’re paired with a product or service that’s absolutely right for you.

When you’re with a professional salesperson, you feel good in the end.

Chances are, you’re not pushy.

…but if you have that fear, it also means that you’re not going out and sharing your gift with people.

  1. You’re not making money
  2. You’re not giving others the opportunity to purchase from you.

You’re not pushy, but you’re a secret. Which isn’t good for any of us. Don’t be afraid to sell your product or service; and if you’re making an effort to be a professional salesperson, in the end, people will be glad to buy from you.


What Did You Think of Sin #1?

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