We’ve been talking about the 6 deadly sins that could be killing your business, and we’ve finally reached the last one. I hope you’ve taken some of the tools and tricks we’ve talked about and applied them to your business, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this series!

Sin #6 has ramifications in all areas of your life… not just in sales. It’s something to be taken very seriously and can make more of a difference in your success than you realize…

Sin #6: You’re not confident

This may sound a little silly, after all… how can confidence affect your business that much?

Actually, lack of confidence can manifest in more ways than one. Whether it be lack of confidence in your product or service, in the company you work for, their marketing tactics, or even (if not especially) lack of confidence in yourself. I’ll cover each of these in this post, but the one I want to focus most on is the latter.

Lack of confidence in your product or service

More often than not, this comes from people not understanding their product or service. The easiest way to fix that is to use what you’re selling. Try your offer out, and make up your own mind about it. You’ll have your own stories and experiences to share with your customers, and nothing is better than being sold on the product yourself!

Lack of confidence in your company, or the way they are marketing

If you’re not confident in your company, try talking to the people who brought you in, hired, or recruited you. Take some time to learn about the history of the company and the people behind it. You’ll learn where the passion and ideas came from, and how the company has come to be.

For most people though, the problem is the way they are marketing. Learn why your product/service is marketed that way, what’s behind the strategies they use for selling, and why it works. There’s a lot that goes into Direct Sales, so you may need to do some research to fully understand why they sell it the way they do.

Lack of confidence in yourself

Last, but certainly not least, I want you to think about something you do that you’re really confident about. Whether you make the best pies, are a golf expert, or whatever it is, choose something that you really understand and can do in your sleep.

Now, what makes you so confident about it?

It’s because you know a lot about it, and have a lot of experience with it, right?

Confidence comes from knowledge, knowledge comes from experience, and experience comes from getting out there and doing it.

That may seem oversimplified, but it’s true. If you get out and do what you fear most, that’s how you get the experience, the knowledge, and how you WILL become confident. And I hope that’s what you take the time to do. Invest in yourself. Take some of the ideas we’ve covered, try them out and work on them.

I sincerely hope you become successful in whatever your venture may be.

P.S. Here very soon we’ll be diving even deeper into the importance of confidence in yourself… so keep an eye out!


What Did You Think of Sin #6?

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