Your zone of genius is a place where you’re truly unique.

It’s a place where you’re doing what you’re best at – what sets you apart from anyone else in your target market.

The problem comes when we dilute our efforts and focus on things we aren’t as good at. We branch out from what makes us unique, and suddenly we just blend in with the competition.

If you’re struggling to figure out what your zone of genius is, how it sets you apart and how to apply it in your business, watch the video below.

I have some incredible tips and ideas I can’t wait to share with you.

What is your zone of genius?

Think about what makes you unique, what makes you feel fulfilled, and what you’re best at. Take some time to really dig deep in yourself.

Your zone of genius is what makes your business stand out from the competition and what gives it a perspective that no one else has. Once you discover what that zone is, there are a few ways you can center your business around it while still providing your clients with incredible value.

Think about who your target market is and what you bring to the table. Are there other people who work in the same market, but from a slightly different perspective?

Maybe they bring something that compliments what you’re doing, or maybe they’re quite different from you. The goal is to find people with products and services that can help your target audience in a way that works well with you.

Consider being affiliates to each other, or becoming a joint venture partner bringing complimentary services to that audience. You might do webinars, seminars, write books or create courses together.

One of the biggest reasons that businesses start branching out from their zone of genius is to create more income from the same pool of clients, so partnering with others can be a great way to provide more value while sticking to what’s most important to you.

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