Before starting her entrepreneurial journey, Cory spent 13 years as a stay-at-home mom. The problem was, with separation pending between her and her husband, she needed to find a way to be financially independent.

She wanted and needed to have a flexible schedule and continue to be home and present for her kids. That’s when Cory realized the best thing she could do was start her own business. Along the way, she had some incredible revelations that will help all of us.

In this interview, you’ll learn…

  • The impact that having a community had on Cory’s success
  • The life experiences that gave her the skills she needed for her new business
  • Which parts of running a business surprised her most
  • And one incredible piece of advice for new entrepreneurs

Watch the full interview here:

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Key Pieces of Advice from Cory:

  1. There’s more to entrepreneurship than you might expect. “I think what surprised me most was just all there is to learn.”
  2. Invest in yourself! “Hands down the best thing I did was to invest in myself”
  3. Community is everything. “We have this community of like minded women… and we’re always talking about the different problems or successes in our businesses.”

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