This week we’re talking with Manja Horner, a uniquely skilled Learning Experience Designer. 

She parlaid her experience as a professional musician and music teacher into a career she loved in corporate learning. 

The problem was, she felt trapped by the corporate world. Having grown up in a family supported by a small business, freedom was a core value to her. She also had a strong commitment to be available to her children.

So she took her experience, talent, passion and motivation and started a business of her own. 

In this week’s interview, you’ll learn…

  • How Manja made her business successful so quickly after leaving her job
  • What factors played a role in her success the most
  • How her skills and experience transferred into her dream business
  • And 2 important things to consider BEFORE you quit your job

Watch the full interview here:

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Key Pieces of Advice from Manja:

  1. Transition slowly. “I didn’t save up to get through startup time, and wasn’t financially prepared.” 
  2. “If you have a great idea, start vetting immediately. Start getting into the root of your target market’s problem immediately and start pre-selling it before you’re ready. Make sure your idea will be successful.”
  3. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the only way to fund your business is to “boot-stap” it yourself. “Don’t be afraid or shy away from getting actual investment.”
  4. Get support, you don’t have to know everything and figure it out yourself. “Start researching business coaches because you’ll need the support.”


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