Failure. Most of us absolutely hate it.

In fact, we avoid it at all cost. We don’t take the risks necessary to be successful because we’re so afraid to fail. But without failure, we can’t reach the greater level of success that we work so hard for.

I had a reporter once ask if she could interview me. I was happy to be interviewed, and when I asked what the subject was, she said it was about failure in business. She had been having trouble finding anyone willing to talk about it.

I told her that my failures have led me to success, and I felt very strongly about that.

Later on, I realized that at the time in my life the interview took place, I was going through one of the biggest failures and disappointments I’ve ever had. Even during that time, I knew that failure leads us to accomplish great things. That big failure was the very thing that ended up leading me to the success I’ve experienced.

If we don’t fail, it means we aren’t trying hard enough. We’re not taking risks and doing what we need to, especially as business owners. We have to fail to learn how to be successful.

I want to encourage you, as you think about the things you feel you’ve failed at, to look at the lessons in those failures. If you didn’t get the promotion, the raise, the sale, and particularly if you’re a parent teaching your children this, stop and ask yourself, “What did this teach me?” Each lesson you learn from those experiences will impact you for the rest of your life.

As bad as it sounds, I’m wishing you lots and lots of failure now, because I know it’ll lead to so much more success for you down the road.

Here’s to learning and growing in life and in business,

Talk soon,
Lorna Rasmussen


What Did You Think of Failure: The Best Route to Success?


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