One of the biggest problems I see female entrepreneurs struggle with is feeling like their skills, training and experiences aren’t applicable to their new businesses.

Once they leave the industry they’re in, the reputation they’ve earned and the contacts they’ve built up no longer seem relevant, and they don’t feel like they have anything else to offer.

But the reality is, not only do each of us have something important to bring to the table, we each have something unique and incredibly valuable that other people need.

If you’re struggling to realize how your skills and experience can help you in your new business, watch the video below:

If you’re struggling to realize what skills you truly have to offer, start thinking about what made you successful in your previous industry.

Think about:

  • Your education
  • Who you were in contact with
  • The skills you developed and training you acquired
  • The reputation you built up
  • Anything else that you feel made you successful in your career.

Lay it all out, everything you can think of, and then look at the person who brings all of those assets to the table.

You’ve listed everything that you’re capable of, but don’t forget to write down who you are. What are your best personality traits?

  • Are you great with people?
  • Are you approachable and easy to talk to?
  • Are you especially patient, or have a knack for understanding what others are going through?
  • Are you great at working under pressure, and getting things done no matter what?
  • Are you incredibly organized and on top of what you need to do?
  • Do you have a perspective on your business or life that most people don’t?

Each and every item that you listed on your sheet of paper is something that can be incredibly valuable to your business and to others.

For almost 20 years, I was an industrial and documentary filmmaker, and had built an incredible network of distribution. But when I turned my back on it, I felt like I was leaving everything that I knew behind. Like I hadn’t learned anything that was applicable to a new business that I could start.

But what I discovered over the years was that those experiences have proven themselves to be a vital part of my business. I’ve used my knowledge, skills, contacts and other resources from my filmmaking career to build the business I have today.

When you’re first starting out, you may not feel like your past experiences can help you on your new path to success, but those experiences are what make you unique. No one else has the same history as you, the exact same skill set as you, and the exact same perspective as you, and all of those things can be used to your advantage.

So next time you feel like you have nothing to bring to the table, remember that everything you’ve been through, experienced, and learned have all come together to bring you where you are now, and they’ll continue to help you on your journey to success.

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