The benefits of starting a business are incredible: flexibility with your schedule, more time with your family, extra income, the list is endless.

The problem is, benefits like those aren’t always strong enough to get you through the challenges you’re facing and support you as your business grows.

Your “WHY” in business should be something powerful and unique to who you are and what you’re passionate about. It’s what drives you to keep moving forward no matter what comes your way.

So how do you determine your true “WHY”? How do you find the passion and purpose that’ll carry you through every stage of your business?

Watch the video below to find out how, and learn what motivated real women to start their own businesses and make their dreams a reality.

Not too long ago, I met a school teacher who developed an incredible method for teaching children with learning disabilities how to read.

It was a unique system, and it worked so well that other teachers started sending her the kids that they couldn’t teach.

She had a fabulous way of helping these kids, and she was doing amazing work, but the school and other teachers weren’t supporting her and helping her do what she was passionate about.

She believed in herself and the methods she used to teach, and developed an incredible business tutoring children where she was in control of her situation. She was successful because she trusted herself, had a plan, and gave herself an opportunity to make it work.

Another woman I know had a very time-heavy corporate job. She enjoyed what she did and worked hard at it, but she realized what she was losing by staying there. Her nanny had sent her a picture of her baby taking his first steps, and she realized that she didn’t want to miss out on her child’s life anymore.

The only way she could think of to earn the money she needed while still being flexible enough to be with her son was to work from home. Her son was her motivation, and she ended up starting a successful business so that she could have the things that mattered most to her in life.

And for me personally, I had been in business for years, but I’d always been purely following my passions. I realized one day that all of these businesses and ideas that I’d been working so hard on were things that I was passionate about, but they weren’t things that were going to make me the money I needed.

My head wanted the income I needed and the flexibility I wanted, and my heart wanted to make sure that my business would help people. I ended up picking a company that I worked with for over 20 years that helped me accomplish each of those things.

This is why your “why” is so critically important as you make choices about the type of business you want to go into. It needs to motivate you and push you to get through whatever challenges you face, and plays a massive role in whether or not you’ll be successful.

In the 5 Day Challenge we have coming up, we’ll be honing in on your “why” so that we can determine what will drive you forward in business, and keep you pushing to reach your goals no matter what.

I can’t wait to share more about it in the next few weeks with you.

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