One of the top reasons a lot of people hesitate to join a network marketing/direct sales company is that they don’t want to approach their family and friends, and this makes all the sense in the world.

No one wants to put their loved ones in a position where they feel they have to either buy something they don’t want or decline the offer and risk hurting their relationship with the person.

Thankfully, those aren’t the only two options. Find out the best way to talk to friends and family in the video below:

When you approach a friend or family member, instead of trying to sell them your product/service, ask for their help.

“I’m starting a new business and I could really use your help with this. Would you be willing to tell me what you think about it?”

More than likely, they’ll be willing to hear what you have to say.

“This may or may not be the right opportunity for you, but I’ve got a short video to show you and some materials to go with it. It’ll help explain what I’m doing, and I think once you understand it, you’ll be more than happy to refer me to other people.”

By approaching them this way, you’ve taken off any pressure to say yes or no. You’re not asking for a sale, you’re simply asking for a referral.

Another option would be to ask, “Can I have you look at this information and come up with a few questions? I’ll bring my mentor, they can answer the questions for you, and that way I’ll learn how to respond to them for next time. It’ll help me learn what the most common questions are so that I’m prepared for them later.”

When you approach friends and family by asking for help, you’re allowing yourself the opportunity to practice with the most supportive people in your life without risking hurting your relationship with them. And no matter what the outcome is, you’ve set yourself up for referrals, a learning experience, or even a potential sales opportunity.

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