Pura Vida is a term used all over Costa Rica that translates to Pure Life. It represents living a life you truly love, that’s authentic to who you are.

It’s a phrase that I’ve carried with me since we moved to this beautiful country, and it’s the inspiration for our latest mastermind group – Pura Vida Wisdom Circles.

These Wisdom Circles are designed to be a space for Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to come together for community, collaboration and connection. To address challenges, find solutions and resources, and get support to build the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

It’s amazing what kind of magic can happen when people come together. Learn more in the video below.

We are here on earth for a very short time – relatively speaking. 

But in that short time we have so many opportunities to experience new and exciting things, impact the world and accomplish things we never thought possible. 

And when we look back on our lives, those are the things we’ll remember – having a lifestyle we absolutely loved, and being able to do what we’re passionate about. 

I live in Costa Rica, and that’s part of why I love this lifestyle. I live in a beautiful place surrounded by nature, and for me, it’s the perfect way to live. 

But on this journey, I’ve realized that if I can create my ideal lifestyle for myself, I can help other people do the same thing. Which is why we’ve created the Pura Vida Wisdom Circles. 

These Wisdom Circles are about bringing people together and accomplishing the things that seem impossible when we’re alone. They’re born out of a desire to integrate running a business with enjoying a healthy, satisfying, and fulfilling life.

In each meeting, you’ll find people just like yourself who are on the same journey, experiencing the same struggles and working towards the same end goal. There’s wisdom in each and every one of us, and it’s unique to who we are and the experiences we’ve had. Together, we can help each other reach our goals, make our souls sing, our cash registers ring and the world a better place.

What I commit to you is that by joining Pura Vida Wisdom Circles, you’ll begin the journey to a life you love. 

Click here to join now. Once you’re inside, you’ll have access to our FREE Virtual Mini Masterminds to get started. 

Is this right for you? Book a free discovery call at www.MeetLorna.com

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