If you have two people in the exact same situation, what causes one person to buy from you, and the other to walk away?

Most likely, those people were two different types of buyers – they had different things they needed from you in order to feel comfortable making a buying decision.

There are 4 types of buyers, but each of them have different reasons for wanting (or not wanting) to purchase something. And believe it or not, we sell the way that we buy – meaning we only truly sell to 25% of the people we approach!

Watch the video below to learn the 4 main types of buyers and how, with some simple adjustments, you can successfully sell to all 4 types.

Buyer #1

This is someone who needs a lot of information before they make a buying decision. They’ll research your offer, ask questions, look for more information and they’ll rarely make an immediate buying decision.

Buyer #2

This is the type of person who needs very little information. They have a conversation with you, look at your website, and buy on a feeling. They’re the people who say, “I knew in my gut that it was right.”

Buyer #3

This is someone who wants to be secure in their decision and make sure they’re purchasing something that will really work for them. This type of buyer responds well to a guarantee of some kind. They’re the people who ask, “What happens if this doesn’t work for me?”

Buyer #4

The last type of buyer is someone who likes to know how your product was made, what it does, and that it’s good for the environment. They’re people who really care about making sure that what they buy is eco friendly and won’t harm the planet.

Now that you know the 4 types of buyers, think about which type you are.

Everyone can put themselves in more than one category, but once you realize what your primary buying type is, you can look at your marketing and see which types of buyers you’re really catering to.

Believe it or not, most people only sell based on the way they buy – this means they only sell to 25% of their prospects.

Next time you’re on a sales call, try to figure out what your prospect’s primary motive is for purchasing. Focus on the way that they talk about your offer, and pay attention to what they need. Once you know what type of buyer they are, you’ll know how to help them feel comfortable making a buying decision.

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