When I started my business, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. I didn’t understand everything I needed to do, hadn’t gotten into the swing of things, and I wasn’t what you’d call a “natural salesperson”. I figured, “Well, maybe I should just take it easy and do it part-time.”

So I stepped back from the idea of being a full-time entrepreneur, and started looking at getting a job.

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Fortunately for me, my husband decided to help me make a decision. He sat down with me, and we made a T-chart with the pros of getting a job on one side, and cons on the other. He asked me some pretty interesting questions about the costs of it.

What exactly were the costs of getting a job?

We wrote down “Being downtown or in the suburbs.” I’d most likely have to buy lunches somewhere close to where I worked.

“Childcare.” I had a son, and since I’d be gone during the day, I’d have to hire someone to take care of him.

“Gas.” There would be a commute to wherever I had to go, so gas was an expense too.

“Work clothes.” Depending on the job, I’d need to buy new clothes. I hadn’t had a dress code for quite a while, so that new wardrobe would definitely be an expense.

And lastly, “Extra taxes.” Because home-based businesses get a tax break, I’d be paying more in taxes for my job, too.

One after another, we added up the costs.

And then the next question popped up. “So, how much do you think you’ll be making?” He asked me.

I picked a number, but I really wasn’t sure anyone would pay me that much. I didn’t even know what job I’d be able to get.

When we finished each list, we added everything up. All of the costs, and all of the benefits.

I knew I’d be paid, I’d have job security, predictability, and a social life… but after everything extra we’d have to pay, I’d working for pennies. Even if it was slower and took me much longer, in the end, it was far better to continue working from home.

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I hope you’ll take a look.

See you there,
Lorna Rasmussen


What Did You Think of The Hidden Cost Of Having A Job. Is It Worth It?


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