I used to have a job I absolutely hated. 

I didn’t feel appreciated or supported, I was underpaid, and the job was incredibly demanding. 

Yet, I still did everything I could to keep it. 

I didn’t think I had other opportunities or that I’d find a job with better pay, and those fears became more important than my happiness. 

And believe it or not, 48% of people are in the same situation. 

If you’re unhappy with your job but don’t know what to do next, watch the video below. 

After a while at that job, my boss fired me. He really did me a favor. 

I went to talk with a friend of mine afterwards and she told me, “If you hadn’t gotten fired, I would’ve asked you not to come over anymore. You were always so negative.” 

I didn’t realize how much of an impact it had on me to be working in a job that I hated, and it showed me how important it is to put yourself in positive environments as much as possible. 

If you’re unhappy at your job and you’re struggling to figure out what you truly want to be doing, here are a few suggestions: 

Think about what attracted you to your current job in the first place. What made you want it? 

Now think about what’s causing you to be unhappy. Is it your boss, your coworkers, the work itself or something else? 

Take the time to really understand what you like about your job, and what you dislike. The clearer you are on those things, the easier it’ll be to determine what you want to do next. 

In my situation, I didn’t just switch jobs, I changed careers. After 19 years in the film production world, I realized that I was tired of it. 

I remember sitting in the sound truck one day, and there were about 30 people running around shooting a scene. I looked at those people one by one and wondered if I’d be happy in their jobs. 

I thought about it, and realized that even if I had the opportunity to do what any one of those people were doing, I wouldn’t want to. There wasn’t a single job there that I truly wanted to have. 

The problem was, if I wasn’t in the film industry, I didn’t know what I was good at. 

I realized that there was one thing I truly loved to do, and started thinking about what job I’d be able to use that skill in. 

What profession would give me the opportunity to develop that skill and continue to improve it? 

That question led me to a completely new career, and it changed my life for the better. 

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