When I first started in sales, I hated it and dreaded even the idea of it.

I didn’t think of myself as a salesperson, I didn’t want to be a salesperson, and I wished I didn’t have to be one.

Then I learned how to sell with authenticity, and it changed everything for me.

One day, I had gotten together with my partners in a film production company. We were trying to decide who would do the sales for the company and were fighting over it because no one wanted to or was willing to sell. 

We weren’t willing to do that aspect of the business, but, unfortunately, that’s an essential part of any business. No matter what you offer or what your niche is, you have to be in sales. 

Over the next few years, I learned that selling was not only something I was good at, but it was also something I really enjoyed. It changed my mindset completely when I finally understood how to sell with authenticity.

Authentic selling is different in its approach to selling. It’s not about technique, it’s about having a conversation. In that conversation, you are simply finding a need the person has and filling it. In the conversation you are actively listening to that person, asking questions and allowing them to do most of the talking. You listen for clues about how you can help them. 

At the end of your interaction, they’ll feel great (because they were heard), you’ll feel great (because you made someone feel good), and if your product/service meets their needs, you’ll make a sale. 

For more information on this as well as short written scripts to use with your prospects, head over to my Facebook page or Instagram and keep an eye out! I’ll be releasing them over the next week or so as well as additional tips as we go. 

You’ll find all kinds of information there, but most importantly, you’ll find tips and strategies to help you on your success journey. 

Until next week,
Lorna Rasmussen

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