When someone says “No”, “Not now”, or “I need to think about it”, it puts many people who are new to the process of selling or marketing in a bit of a dilemma. How do you respond to that?

It may seem daunting, but in order to get people to look at what you want them to see or to make a decision, you need to follow up with them.

There are simple things that you can do to prepare yourself for the next follow-up; find out what they are in the video below.

Believe it or not, very few sales are made on the first presentation, and the average sale is made on the 5th or 6th.

However, after that encounter when they said they weren’t ready, it’s easy to blame yourself. It’s easy to slip into a negative mindset. We imagine that they don’t want to talk to us or think that our product or service isn’t good.

We make up these stories that put ourselves down and prevent us from moving forward in the prospecting process.

What’s surprising is that if someone tells you “no” or hasn’t looked at the information yet, most of the time it’s simply because they’re busy and have other priorities.

I was talking with someone who ended up telling me “no” at the end of last month. She was within seconds of making a decision when her husband stepped in and said he needed to look at it first.

I was beating myself up about it, procrastinating and doing everything but the follow-up call I needed to make with them.

During that time, I spoke with her about something unrelated and discovered that they were away on a family vacation all of last week with their kids. They were busy and didn’t have time to look at the material or talk about it.

Knowing that helped me put those negative thoughts to rest and find my motivation to get on the phone again. Often times we make up these stories and ideas of why they’re not doing something, when in fact there’s a legitimate reason for it.

Next week we’ll go into the follow-up process in more detail to help you systematize what you need to do and motivate yourself to do it.

All the best,
Lorna Rasmussen

What Did You Think of When A Prospect Says “No”, It’s Not The End. Here’s Why:?


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