How would it feel to know that you walked away from a $350 sale and didn’t even know it?

I was in the U.S. not too long ago and was given the opportunity to learn about some facial care products. I’ve had challenges with my complexion and was excited to see what those products could do for me.

Well, the woman who gave the presentation was 2 hours late and seemed completely unprepared.

After having me test a product I happened to be interested in, I asked about buying some.

She said it wasn’t available yet. “Why did I test it if I can’t buy it?” I thought.

This continued throughout her presentation. She loved what she did and had a very powerful testimony, but the presentation was confusing, far too long, and she didn’t once ask what we were actually interested in.

After she left, my friend turned to me and said, “I was gonna buy that system she was selling. It cost over $350, but it seemed like a really good product… but she took way too long to explain it, and I never felt like she was actually interested in selling it to me. In fact, she showed up 2 hours late, and by then I was so frazzled I really didn’t have time to go through with the purchase.”

Each of us was interested in certain products, but she didn’t ask what we wanted, so we never got to hear more about them. If she had just asked, I would’ve told her what I was looking for, and she could’ve taken me directly to the solution and made a sale.

I’m telling you this because I want you to take this story and learn from it; not only did she not make the sales, but we didn’t have the opportunity to buy the products we wanted.

I challenge you to practice your presentations; start with your end goal, and work your way to the beginning. Step by step, figure out what you want and what you need to do to get it. Think through what you’re trying to communicate, and how you want to communicate it.

You never know who may want your offer, and if you give them a chance to be interested, you may be surprised by the outcome.

A little preparation goes a long way.

Until next week,
Lorna Rasmussen


What Did You Think of Why This Woman Lost A $350 Sale (And How To Avoid Doing It Too)?


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