It was the 4th of July, and I was sitting in a gorgeous beach house admiring the ocean outside. 

A few of my neighbors and I had gotten together to rent the house for the holiday, and they absolutely LOVED it. 

After a while, they started coming up with schemes and ideas to buy one for themselves. 

With a bit of thought, they settled on buying lottery tickets. 

They each hated their jobs and couldn’t afford the house on their own, so it seemed like a great way to make their dreams come true…

Find out what happened (and whether or not they became millionaires) in the video below. 

Want to learn the absolute best way for women to make money? With a bit of time and intentional effort, you can build the life of your dreams, a business you love, and leave a legacy for generations to come. 

It won’t disappoint (unlike their lottery tickets)

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