We’ve been talking about something that absolutely everyone in business needs to do: sell.

The problem for many people is that they’re doing things that stop them from being successful in selling; I call these the 6 deadly sins. In this post, we’ll be covering sin #2.

You’re not actively looking for prospects for your business.

I get it. You’re probably thinking “Oh boy, who am I going to talk to?” But as I said in Sin #1, sales is just a matter of skills and training.

Learning how to get out in the world and meet people is vital to the success of your business. It’s only through meeting others that you’ll be able to build your business and develop relationships that will help you be successful.

Unfortunately, there will come a time when you need more than friends and family to rely on as prospects… so here are a couple of ideas that really helped me when I got started.

Think about who you interact with on a regular basis.

I used to be in an industry that was very finite. There weren’t a lot of people who needed our services, and those services were very expensive. We focused on a particular, linear market, which means new prospects weren’t easy to find.

The first thing I recommend is that you think about who you interact with on a regular basis. While these may not be your prospects per-say, they could very well be a link to your prospects. Take a minute to write this out.

Who are your friends, acquaintances, and people you see when you’re out and about?

Where do you go that puts you in touch with people?

Think about who needs your product/service, and how you can reach them through the people you already know.

The beauty of North America is that if 2 people want to do something, they can get together and form a club. This makes it incredibly easy to find groups of people that you want to be engaged with. Once you figure out who needs your product or service, it should be relatively easy to find those people.

For me, when I worked in Real Estate, I decided that I wanted to meet more realtors, and that I enjoyed working with women. So naturally, I joined the Women in Real Estate organization in town.

This put me in constant contact with the people I wanted to engage with, and I found a really great source of prospects because it was an environment where we could meet and talk.

Spend some time thinking and researching what kind of people you need to find, and where you can find them. The success of your business depends on its customers… so make sure you go out, meet them, and build the relationships you need so that you can succeed.

Join us next week for Sin #3 of 6 Deadly Sins That Are Killing Your Business.


What Did You Think of Sin #2?

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