Whether you’re a doctor, marketer, beautician, sell products vs. services… these tips apply to any business. And now that we’ve made it to Part 3, this is something I really want to underline. Every business needs to be talking to people, and every business needs to be sharing what they do with others.

Most businesses have preferred methods for getting prospects, but basically they all boil down to the same thing: finding good prospects.

You need someone who will use what you offer, someone who can afford it, and someone that likes and trusts you enough to keep in contact.  This, regardless of your business or niche, is the bottom line of how you need to work with people.

  • Sin #1 was fearing that you’d become a pushy salesperson.
  • Sin #2 was not actively looking for more prospects.
  • And Sin #3…

You DO have a prospect, but you won’t let them go, because they’re too important to you.

The problem here is that if you only have a few prospects, there’s a lot of pressure on those few people to buy from you. You aren’t giving them time to walk through the customer journey, or decide for themselves.

By making sure you have a lot of prospects, you’ll start to notice that all of them will buy when it’s right for them… not because they feel the pressured to. You’ll be able to build relationships on trust, the way professional salespeople do.

But, how do you get enough prospects?

Really, it’s all about posture.

If you go to a networking event and you’re needy, everyone can feel it.

However, if you instead approach people in a way that takes the pressure off of them, you’ll end up finding more prospects than you’d really ever expect to.

For example, if you say…

“I’m looking for the right person who could use my service, and I’m not sure if that’s something you’d be interested in, but my guess is that you know someone who WOULD be interested.”

…you’re not deciding that they’re a prospect, you’re telling them that you see them as someone who can help you.

When you make it about helping someone, you remove any pressure they may be feeling. You make it about someone doing good for another, instead of the sale. In the long run, this is the easiest way to get prospects. You’d never believe the number of sales I’ve made just by asking “Could you help me?”


What Did You Think of Sin #3?

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