I want to talk with you about something that is an epidemic among women: lack of self-confidence. We’re going to talk about where this lack of self-confidence comes from, and how you can fix it in your own life.

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When I was 18, my twin sister, my mother and I went to pick up my brother from prison. He had been in jail because of an episode of mania brought on by bipolar disorder.

As he walked down the steps of the jail, out of his mouth came some of the most vile comments about women. He said things like, “Women are stupid.” “You can’t trust them.” and “They’re out to get you.”

Horrible things, all directed at women.

Our dad used to say those kinds of things around the kitchen table, and I recognised his words in my brother’s.

That really gave me an understanding of how people get programmed to believe certain things… but it never occurred to me that it had happened to me, just like it happened to my brother.

I didn’t realize that until 20 years later when I was grappling with not feeling confident, feeling like I couldn’t do anything, and like I was a failure.

It was then that I realized if my brother had “recorded” that information, my sister and I had as well. Even though our mother was very intelligent and accomplished, we’d heard from our father that women were stupid and couldn’t do anything.

So, how did I fix that?

Once I realized what the source of my lack of confidence was, I fixed it the same way it happened to me. I reprogrammed myself to think better than that.

I erased everything that told me I wasn’t good enough and replaced everything I was conditioned to think, with a new language and a new understanding of who I was.

Those are called affirmations.

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I hope it changes your life as much as it’s changed mine.

Lorna Rasmussen


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